About Us

  Alan Symonds Priest-in-charge  


Revd Alan Symonds

The Vicarage, Sutton Road, Somerton, TA11 6QP  
Tel: 01458 272029


Jenny Gollop - 01458 223516

St Michael's Somerton

Church Wardens

Joy Rattenbury - 01458 272645  

Jan Turner -  01458 270096

Director of Music  

James Turner - 01458 270096

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PCC Members

The priest-in-charge and churchwardens are ex-officio members of the PCC.

Geoff Bryant
Jacky Calderwood
Rodger Calderwood
Michael Green
Janet Hayter
David Harrison
David Speed
Irene Stone
Rowena Wallace
Jenny Wilmot

Worship Committee

Committee Membership:
James Turner (Convener), Rodger Calderwood (Secretary), Revd Alan Symmonds (as priest-in-charge), Joy Rattenbury(As Church Warden), Jan Turner(as Church Warden), Alan Hilborne (Verger), Audrey Stanford (co-opted) Graham Taylor (co-opted).

Social Committee

Committee Membership:
David Speed (Convenor), Janet Hayter, Jacky Calderwood, Jan Turner(As Church Warden), Joy Rattenbury (As Church Warden) Irene Stone,  Marion Hilborne(co-opted), Mary-Ann Pike(co-opted), Graham and Jean Taylor(co-opted).

Childrens Work

Committee Membership:

Rowena Wallace. Irene Stone (co-opted), Sandy Symonds (co-opted, Chris Thomas (co-opted), Rock Leaders (co-opted).

Church Representatives

Benefice Committee
Alan Symonds (as Priest-in-charge), Joy Rattenbury (as churchwarden), Jan Turner (as churchwarden)

Churches Together in Somerton
Irene Stone, Rowena Wallace, James Turner

Deanary Synod
Joy Rattenbury, John Rattenbury, James Turner

Diocesan Synod
John Rattenbury

Other Positions of Office

Benefice Administrator
Geraldine Taylor - 01458 272029

Church Treasurer
Irene Stone - 
01458 272291

PCC Secretary
David Speed - 01458 272907

Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Officer
Irene Stone - 01458 272291

'Outreach' Magazine Editor and Website Coordinator
James Turner - 01458 270096

Tower Captain
John Hayter - 01458 272002

Priest in Charge