Worship and Fellowship 


With the Government’s easing of restrictions, we are now permitted to seat worshippers from different households together up to a maximum of 6 in any one group. This means that a single pew, or row of chairs can now be occupied by up to 6 people provided we maintain the 2 metres distance between rows/group.


However, we will need to be sensitive to others and their possible need to maintain distance, so in the Charltons and Kingsdon some may prefer to occupy a pew alone and that should be recognised, and in Somerton there will be seats which will be separate by 2 metres from other seating again for those who prefer to keep a distance. Even if you are sitting with others in the same pew or row keeping a distance between household groups is advised.


The Government is emphasising personal responsibility for our own safeguarding. We must continue to wear face coverings and sanitize our hands but we will no longer need to book and have places allocated to us, instead we can find our own favourite sitting place when we arrive.  Contact details of those attending each service will continue to be taken to meet Test and Trace requirements.



The Vicar will be away from Wed 16th afternoon until the following Tuesday.

Therefore Wednesday’s service will be sent out as usual, 

but the Services for Sunday 20th,

whilst they will take place in Kingsdon at 9:30 and Somerton 11am with the Somerton service on zoom

we will not be able to send out the words, weekly sheet or a recording.

The service for Wed 23rd June will be sent out on 

Tuesday 22nd evening and it will then have the weekly sheet with it.  

Tea with the Vicar will not be happening on Friday 18th June nor Mon 21st June.

Below are the links for Services and tea with the Vicar.   

Topic: Sunday Worship

Time:  11:00 AM 

Topic: Wednesday Worship

Time:  10:00 AM 


Topic: Tea with the Vicar Monday and Friday 

Time:  3.00 PM 


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 781 317 8193  Passcode: 776870


Or call from your home telephone 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240

You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID which is 781 317 8193 followed by the #

Then it will ask for you for you participant ID just hit the # button

Then it will ask for the meeting password put in 77 68 70 followed by the # and you should be connected.

Audio of Service Sunday 13th June 11.00am

Words of Service for Sunday 13th June 11.00am



8th and 22nd June

Please  contact Chris Gollop on 

If you wish to join in please contact 

Jenny Gollop(columbadogs@gmail.com) or Chris Gollop (columbaworkathome@gmail.com) 

Irene Stone is running a prayer circle so contact her if you want to join 272291