Worship and Fellowship 


God of our lives,
we give thanks for the life of Prince Philip,
for his love of our country,
and for his devotion to duty.
We entrust him now to your love and mercy,
through our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.


With the drop in coronavirus infections and with the numbers who have been vaccinated we are 

re-opening our churches across the Benefice for live worship.

We are now booking for:-

  Wednesday 14th April 10am Midweek Communion booking Alan 01458 272029

  Sunday 18th April 9:30 Sunday Worship Charlton Mackrell booking Jenny Gollop 01458 223516

  Sunday 18th April 11am Sunday Worship Somerton booking Mary Ann Pike 01458 272932

Please note the services on 18th April will be live only and not on Zoom or audio file.


Don’t forget the prayer course on zoom which starts April 12th details or to book a place Chris and Jenny Gollop (01458) 223516. 


Somerton services will also be broadcast on zoom.

To book please call 01458 272029 or email somerton.vicar@btinternet.com


Topic: Sunday Worship

Time:  11:00 AM 

Topic: Wednesday Worship

Time:  10:00 AM 


Topic: Tea with the Vicar Monday and Friday

Time:  3.00 PM 


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 781 317 8193  Passcode: 776870


Or call from your home telephone 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240

You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID which is 781 317 8193 followed by the #

Then it will ask for you for you participant ID just hit the # button

Then it will ask for the meeting password put in 77 68 70 followed by the # and you should be connected.

Audio of Service Sunday 11th April 11.00am

Words of Service Sunday 11th April 11.00am



We have had to shift the date of the next worship evening.  So, we will gather once more on April 6th (and not the 13th)  Then we worship together once more on April 27th and we will then be back to the usual two week cycle.

Please  contact Chris Gollop on 

If you wish to join in please contact 

Jenny Gollop(columbadogs@gmail.com) or Chris Gollop (columbaworkathome@gmail.com)


We are still running “phone a friend” so please call Alan on 272029 if you would like a couple of telephone numbers of other Church members to chat to and get to know.

Irene Stone is running a prayer circle so contact her if you want to join irene12009