Wed read at Vicarage 1st April

 Click link for audio file

and an audio file if you wish to listen to it. 

If you want to join in you can do so either via video link or by telephone, details are below we will be live from just before 10am.

Join Video Meeting using link below:

Meeting ID: 781 317 8193

I suspect there are problems if you are simply trying to access zoom from your browser without downloading it, when I try I can’t get the audio so if this is your problem perhaps try downloading it for yourself and see if that clears the problem.

Join telephone conferencing

For those of you who are struggling with technology or know people who are not on computers etc. I have created a link to a telephone conferencing system which will also activate in time for this service.

For this use your normal telephone and call 0330 606 0403, when the automated voice answers key in the access code which is 769354 and then #. If you hear music just wait and I will let you in, if you don’t hear music you are probably straight in. Calls are at local landline rates.

Alan Symonds

Here is a paper copy of Wednesday’s service