Benefice of Somerton, Charltons and Kingsdon

Music for Sunday and other items

Sunday 17th October

Come down, O love divine  St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Meeknes and majesty  Graham Kendrick

Jesus calls us here to meet him  Upper Clyde Parish Church

He became poor that we may be rich  Victoria Methodist Church, Bristol

Father, Lord of all creation  Songs of praise

O worship the king   Manchester Cathedral

Other Items

O Worship the King Hymn Story with Lyrics  

Robert Grant was born into a family that fought for justice. His father worked alongside William Wilberforce fighting to free salves and Robert himself stood before Parliament to remove restrictions against Jews. His faith in God and his love for his Savior and King, Jesus Christ, led him to dig deep into scripture. While reading Psalm 104 he was inspired, and put together the words of one of the most memorable worship songs ever written. O Worship the King. Dr. Morgan shares this encouraging story so that we all can be inspired to worship the One that saves us.

Confidence in God  

4 Bible Stories that will build YOUR faith

Till & Keep: A theology of climate change  

Our new film explores our calling to respond to climate change, by looking at a theology of climate change and development through the lens of keeping and tilling the earth. This is a challenge that echoes back to the earliest days of our faith, a challenge to return to our responsibility to tend to the earth for the sake of all who are in it.