Benefice of Somerton, Charltons and Kingsdon

Music for  Sunday 26th June

 Trinity 2

O breath of love come sweeping through us Written by Elizabeth Ann Head Sung at EMW Aber Conference

How shall I sing thy majesty     Our fabulous girl choristers have been busy at home recording this wonderful hymn. sung to Ken Naylor’s tune, Coe Fen.

Jesu, Jesu fill us with you"   Words: Tom Colvin 1969 Music: Ghanaian folk song, adapt. Tom Colvin 1969. Sung by Ebenezer Church

Who would true valour see   Who Would True Valour See" was written by John Bunyan. It appears in part two of 'The Pilgrim's Progress', written in 1684. The tune is 'Monk's Gate', which Ralph Vaughan Williams adapted from the traditional English folk song ,"Our Captain Cried All Hands," which he collected in the hamlet of Monk's Gate in West Sussex

 "Lord of All Hopefulness, Lord of All Joy" was written by English poet Jan Struther (Joyce Torrens-Graham), published in 1931. The tune is the Irish folk tune 'Slane' which was arranged by David Evans, published in 1927. It is performed by the Scottish Festival Singers.

Other items 

God speaks to man  The most ancient revelation, "God Speaks To Man," translated from original Hebrew and Aramiac texts by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely - offers a powerful yet simple message: our divine Creator speaks to us through his creations of Nature; the trees and forests, the Holy Mountains, the waves of the sea, and much more. While the poem itself is very ancient, the message is just as important now as it's always been: God speaks to those with ears to hear it; to listen, we must be still, and relax.

In Christ alone Written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend sung by Adrienne Liesching with video

A letter from God  

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