Benefice of Somerton, Charltons and Kingsdon

Music and other items 

28th February - Second Sunday of Lent

The God of Abraham praise  Chet Valley churches

O God of Bethel  The virtual choir of Troon Old Parish Church

I cannot tell why he whom angels worship  Keswick Convention

Lord from the depth I cry to you  Psalm 130 Scottish Psalter

Show me the way of the Cross once again  Matt Redman

My Lord, what love is this  Ingrid DuMosch, The London Fox Singers

When I survey the wondrous   Ely Cathedral


Other Items 

Lenten meditation on piano   This video is a meditation on piano with Alexis Ward. We invite you to take time to quiet your mind, meditate, pray, and take a break from the stresses of everyday life as we make our pilgramageg this season of Lent.

Entering Exodus - A poem for Lent