St Michael's,Somerton with Charltons and Kingsdon


On Wednesday Evenings throughout Lent


Charlton Adam Church at 6.30pm


Churches Together in Somerton

LENT COURSE - Daring to see God'


West Street Church on Mondays 11th and 18th March at 2.30pm/Fridays 22nd and 29th March at 2pm/Mondays 1st and 8th April at 2.30pm

St Cleers - Tuesdays at 2pm

A brand new 5-session ecumenical course. 

“Nick Baines …. explores the contemporary immediacy of Mark in Daring to see God now, in five well-argued sessions together with more than 60 arresting quotations.”

(‘Church Times’ Lenten review 2019)

‘This is a course that helps people to articulate their fears in a way that might deepen their faith and their attitudes to the world around them. It is designed to help people dare to see God in their own lives and those around them. We need not disguise the ‘darkness’ in our lives to be enabled to see God at work within them. There are good questions to be asked Do you feel loved by God? Does Jesus always deliver what you expect? And more. The recorded conversations are lively. You may not always agree with what is being said but that starts conversations. This course will require some hard thinking by all concerned but there is no harm in that.’ (Review in RCA by Revd Christopher Wardale, Winter 2018)

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